The Gold Standard

The Gold Standard is a benchmarking and insight programme designed to help UK contact centres achieve their customer service strategy whilst balancing costs, operational efficiencies and maintaining an engaged workforce. 

Gold Standard is awarded to customer service and contact centre operations that are proven to outperform their peers across a variety of KPIs.The only way to do this is to benchmark both quality and efficiency. To achieve Gold Standard, your customer service centre’s efficiency will be benchmarked against your peers and the quality you deliver will be scored by 1,000 customers. You will also get advice on how to improve your performance further to gain or retain  accreditation.


Benchmark your most relevant KPIs

  • Productivity
  • Team structure
  • Attrition
  • Absence
  • Service levels

1000 Customer Satisfaction surveys

  • Speed of Answer
  • Engagement
  • Knowledge
  • FCR

Measure Employee Engagement

  • Engagement
  • Satisfaction
  • Recognition
  • Knowledge
  • Support & Process

Industry first benchmarking data

  • Compare against peers and sector
  • Actionable recommendations and gap analysis
  • Narrow the gap to best in class

Community seminars and events

  • Share your experiences and hear from others
  • Learn, innovate and improve your operation.
  • Network and collaborate

PR & Recognition

  • Raise the profile of the contact centre
  • Change the perception of the industry
  • Recognise best performers in your business


How it Works

The Gold Standard programme has been designed to provide the contact centre and customer service industry with the most robust assessment of contact centre efficiency, service quality and employee engagement ever devised across the UK market. 

Assessment takes the form of four key steps; scoping definition, data gathering, benchmarking within the Bright Index and then a presentation of the results, including an action plan towards improvement.


STEP 1: Scope Definition

Experienced consultants will work with you to clearly identify the objectives that you are looking to achieve, and agree which departments to assess and who to assess them against.

STEP 2: Data Gathering

Data is used from the previous six months performance and if you are not able to provide all the data, the consultants can help you collate this. 1,000 customer surveys will be completed through the submission of a list of customers that have been contacted most recently. An employee engagement survey with 10 questions bespoke for customer service roles, will be emailed to your staff.

STEP 3: Benchmarking

Your data will be processed through the Gold Standard benchmarking system, powered by Bright Index. The results will be analysed by senior customer service consultants.

STEP 4: Presenting Results

The results and analysis will be presented back to your business in the form of a workshop and report presentation approximately two weeks after receiving your data. It will include:

  • A comparison of your KPIs with appropriate peers
  • A full Gap Analysis
  • Gold Standard recognition, if appropriate
  • Advice on how to close the gap to best practice


Why Take Part

Gold Standard members will be provided with a wealth of benefits all designed to help them navigate towards best-in-class. Gold Standard provides significantly better value than any programme.  That’s because it is robust, relevant, comparable, actionable, value for money and is the only total assessment covering the operation, your people and your customers. 

There are a number of ways a business can benchmark and accredit their performance, from assessing your operation against industry reports, to using management consultants to conduct expensive evaluation based on limited data. Others use mystery shopping to assess advisor behaviour but this does not cover cost efficiency, utilisation levels, productivity etc. It is also normally based on a small sample and so doesn’t give you a realistic view.



Gold Standard collaborates with Bright Index, Europe’s largest and most dependable bespoke benchmarking service for customer service operations.


After 1,000s of benchmarking reviews and millions of customer satisfaction surveys, we have the evidence required to advise how to drive cost efficiency as well as customer satisfaction, and to avoid all industry myths.


You will receive hands on recommendations by industry experts, that on average are able to point to savings of £1m and increase in CSAT and NPS scores of around 20%.

Value for money

Gold Standard will help you to prioritise time, resources and money on an annual basis.The programme also provides insight into contact centre best practice, and enables you to better align your teams to your goals and improve performance measuring.


The only independent assessment of operational performance, customer satisfaction and employee engagement.


The same metrics are used across all participants and the results are compared with peers of the same size and type of operation.

Achieve the UK contact centre industry’s top recognition

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