Raising contact centre standards

Benchmark customer service, operational performance and employee engagement, and get actionable advice to guide your improvements.

John Lewis says...

"Participating in the Gold Standard gives us insight and an up to date view of how we are doing compared to peers and other sectors."

3 Mobile says...

"Gaining a view of best practice across the UK service industry, allows us to focus & improve in the areas that really matter most to our customers."


Proving your contact centre operation is best-in-class can be challenging

Gold Standard will give you the evidence you need to drive change and improvements.


High quality customer service is not just about satisfaction, it’s about efficiency and employee engagement too. ¬†Gold Standard is the customer service industry’s most robust method to prove that operations are run efficiently and with the customer at its heart. By working towards Gold Standard you gain the insight you need to focus your budget and resources where they will have the greatest impact on your customers and bottom line. Achieving the Gold Standard enables you to promote your operation as best-in-class.

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